by TheBodyBySara

Original Poetry by TheBodyBySara is authored by creator, Sara Bermudez.

It captures her personal journey through womanhood and the joint complexities of femininty. 

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Ruby Red 

He didn’t like my nails ruby red 
He grew angry at the color 
For gleaming on my brown skin,
In admiration I stare
As cultivated fingers tidy long hair
Gardenias in her basket
Carnation in her dreams
Ruby-red nails set ablaze,
His chin rises higher
As his lectures grow grayer,
My skin stretches
Because the flowers inside me bloom
Serpents on my body
Signify room
In my womb
I possess hair
That leaves men in despair
I am a woman, I am a woman, I am a woman,
And you a broken man
make my nails grow longer


I offer to take the wheel 
My eyes droop like banana peels 
His hands graze my shoulder 
To communicate he can take over
With the pace it takes
For every star in the sky 
To wither and die
My glance comes to meet
What is typically mystified under sheets
We act in silence
Consumed by a personal defiance 

Existence On Your Lips

You say my body 
Moves like that 
and looks like this, 
I am learning to be validated
By the way it exists
Between your lips 

Naked Flower 

Your hands were warm 
When you plucked me from the ground
More gentle than the sound 
Of silky hair coming upbound
It was soothing up there 
Near your breathe
As the focal point of your stare
Your touch radiating like sunshine
Mine, mine, mine
I melted into the palm of your hand 
When your grip loosened like quicksand
Petals picked 
A naked flower 
Even the bees couldn’t bare

Naked Green 

I buried myself inside your flesh
To be apart of you
Signed away my soul to the empty hole
Stained your skin with the pigmentation
Of my affection
When I needed to escape
And rescue my soul
Unearthing a greener landscape
Took a toll
I was forced to abandon half of myself
I deserted her in the consuming cave
Forever your slave
Left her to be an illusion for you
Because the one who broke free
Is too far askew
But that part of me
Who runs naked with blistered feet
Dying for green, so sweet
Will arrive to find
A tree deeply rooted in the grass
I came to breathe
I fall to my knees
And thank a God that doesn’t belong to me

River of Silk Sheets 

It was the way admiring eyes
Ease into the seduction of fallen silk sheets
When I felt you embrace me
Time was forcibly paralyzed
As I gathered the courage to be lethalized 
By affection
Consuming like a deadly infection 
Beckoning me upstairs,
I was already aware
Of where to go 
Returning to the place I knew you best
My apprehensive motions
Could no longer attest
To the river we could once invent
They say it takes thousands of years
To change the course of a healthy river
Flowing in opposing streams
My body concedes to the current
And you gleam 
Unaware I have drowned in our dream


You see, the inches of my heels 
Allow the tips of my fingers to graze the moon 
My skirt exposes an ultraviolet view
These bloodthirsty men croon
Offensive to those 
That keep their bed warm
Shame me
Shame on me 


You run away with the circus 
As soon as Saturday’s sun rises
When I feel the absence
Of your body next to mine
The clock still functions fine
Your mind left Thursday night
I still manage to sleep alright
When you return home from your escapade
It’s Monday morning 
The bills aren’t paid
But, we’ve both been laid

My Garden 

A fortifying pleasure 
How can your garden measure?
The carnations so impatient 
They yearn the sun for inspiration 
The scents of baby blossoms
Possess an invitation 
That need not taking 
Surrounding me in trinity
They enjoy reminding me 
Fruits do not remain attached 
to a tree endlessly 
I take a stroll to the bees
Who whisper to me 
Their love of the flowers
That give honey
So breathlessly 
Those that are free
Are the ones they wish to suck clean 
Unattached by roots 
I wave goodbye to my pretty garden 
Until tomorrow
I shall indulge in your being 
Until forever you cannot indulge in me 


Grey walls 
Will be my downfall
They sheltered my eyes 
Contracted my mind 
The only color I could see
Believed that all there was to be 
Grey walls 
They shaped what it means to fall
So when I dipped my hands
In baby pink sand
Felt my body shiver 
In a sapphire river 
Saw time existed
For the sun’s golden kisses
I painted my grey walls red 
Mystified my bed
I rejoiced in the freedom
As the fumes from the color
Made me light-headed 

The Muse 

Her curves
Were illuminated 
Against a violent velvet
The way her eyes were painted 
Made every man impatient 
Her hair in a peaceful dismay 
Tangled, desiring to play
Beautiful woman
Beautiful woman 
That is all you are 
This artist poured out his heart
Like a scar 
Your image is permanent 
But you have no name 
No voice to claim 
He titles it woman

A Body in the Skyline 

I shape shift
According to the hours
Which desire has the most power
Contortions console
Discomfort in my soul
The cities I see
Grow brighter with warmth around me
The pain I feel
Transforms to colors
That convey a landscape 
Which admiring eyes can’t escape 
Mountains curvaciously outline
A body in the skyline
That I can paint 
To extract in truth 
In these visions of mine 


Of course you don’t remember my face
In those years of space 
You touched yourself 
Only to the image of my flesh
Cried my name 
Unsatisfied by new intimacy,
But never craved the presence of my mind
Never disturbed by the apparition 
My body as a temple 
Made unsacred by a feeble example 
Of a man 
Driven by a rush of blood
Portruding his pants
Connection only present
As we tangle under sheets
The obsession with my body
Lefted you blinded to my mind
Which goes deeper
Than the galaxy 
Between my thighs


I asked the sky
If it was the raindrops
that kissed my thighs
I can’t recall
If it was even raining at all


Roots intertwined 
Ingrained in silk sheets 
Cojoined at tender hips
Butterflies flutter in bliss
Your back is exposed to cold air 
The blankets that pack us in 
Don’t reach up there
Exposed, they start to stare 
When air is all we wear
The leaves have fled 
With the warmth of our bed
I look to you for peace of mind
Only to realize 
I know the marks on your back 
Better than the color of your eyes 


I dance in the meadow 
With a groovy little fellow
Basking in a heat wave
the fucking God’s couldn’t create 
Sweat dripping down my breasts 
Hair a tattered mess 
As I shake 
This body of mine 
To nature’s rhythm 
Grazing my lips 
Connected by hips
Lost in ecstasy 
Seduced among crooked trees
The meadow turns yellow
When you sink into me 


The peep show
Where the men roar
Oh, how it hurts
They know
Their control
The contortions
To uphend
The emptiness
In my bed
Locked eyes
So sincere
Seclusion’s collusion
Condone the tears
Break the glass
And all my fears
I rise in hope
That they will
Eliminate the weight
But it is their hand around my neck
And their raging lust
That makes emotions rust

The canvases of me
That embody a spectrum of purple
Elucidate that I am no less of an alluring woman
These parts of me that don’t turn pink
Will never take away
From my femininity