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Sara Bermudez is a student at Brown University and a team captain on the Brown Women’s Soccer team. She is currently studying Gender and Sexuality Studies with a focus in Enterprise. Bay Area born and raised, she works out of her home in South San Francisco, California and Providence, Rhode Island when at school. TheBodyBySara came to fruition when she suffered a concussion and was left with art as an outlet during the injury. Her first step in sharing her art came when she was featured at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University. With a passion for women studies, fashion, art, and entrepreneurship, TheBodyBySara is the space she created for these fields to intersect. 

Driving the focus on the body is an expression of  the complexities of femininity. The body is the vessel which becomes entangled in the blurred line of art and exploitation. Without a face, the audience is left to ponder in a greater imaginitive spirit. Furthermore, greater empathy for the positionality of the body they see is evoked. The body carries with it its own language. It is a language all understand, because all inhabit a body. The goal of TheBodyBySara is to reposition the body as a mode of art, not an object to be regulated or disempowered.